• The Knoch Knights Legacies Foundation is a nonprofit organization made up of volunteers from within the South Butler County School District.  Members of the Knoch Knights Legacies Foundation 2017-18 Board of Trustees include the following individuals:
    Nelda Burd - District resident and former school director        
    Brian Kanterman – Former school director and Principal/Consultant at Flatbush Enterprises        
    Jim Mahan, Vice-President - District resident and Vice President of Penn United Technologies, Inc.   
    Stephen M. Muck, President – District resident and President/CEO of Brayman Construction Company
    Barry O'Rorke - District resident and Senior Account Executive for All Lines Technology 
    Jacqueline Pfeiffer - District resident, former South Butler teacher, and current South Butler County School Director 
    Kelly Quinn-Bauer - District resident and Attorney 
    Linda Rieck, Secretary – District resident and current South Butler County School Director
    Laura Santora - District resident and proprietor of The Lyndora Hotel
    Regis Schiebel, Emeritus Member – District resident and retired South Butler County School District Administrator
    Much thanks to our Board of Trustees for their time, hard work, and commitment.  It is their dedication that continues to fuel the Knoch Knights Legacies Foundation's success, which directly contributes to the success of the students in the South Butler County School District.