• Music/Fine Arts/Vo-Tech Recognition Banners - $3,600
    Mr. Todd Trofimuk - Knoch High School
             This grant was used to purchase banners to acknowledge excellence in the areas of arts, music, and Vo-Tech Students of the Year. They hang in the KHS Library.
    Stand Up For Learning - $4,185.98
    Mrs. Stacy Zillweger - South Butler Intermediate Elementary School
             This grant provided sit/stand desks for a classroom of students whose ADHD interferes with their learning. The desks allow them movement that helps them to focus on the subject matter. 
    TriCaster Mini - $14,995.00
    Mr. Mike Losk -  Knoch High School
             This grant is the first step in a Video Production Studio Project. The TriCaster Mini will be used by Video Production classes, as well as the A-V Club and the student staff of "Knoch News" to merge video from multiple cameras and angles, to stream video, and to provide students experience in professional video.
    AP Statistics Curriculum Material - $6,100.00
    Mr. Todd Trofimuk - Knoch High School
             Since one of the approved areas for spending EITC funds is Advanced Placement courses, assisting with materials for this new AP course was appropriate utilization of 2016 EITC funds.
    Screen Printer - $1960.71
    Mr. Todd Trofimuk - Knoch High School
             This grant finances a screen printer for the new Graphic Design and Communication Technology course. It will allow students to layout, design, and produce finished products using a 4-color-screen printing press. 
    AP Document Cameras - $6,279.00
    Mr. Mike Losk - Knoch High School
             These cameras are a move toward a modern, interactive classroom. The document cameras enable a teacher to place a document or specimen under the camera to enlarge, focus, rotate, or invert the image for the entire class to see simultaneously on a screen. Teachers can also record their lesson for students who are absent or who would like to review it later. 
    Junior Achievement Day for 8th Grade - $1,125.00
    Miss Courtney Stein - Knoch Middle School
             This grant supported materials for Junior Achievement's presentation that included lessons in personal brands, career clusters, high-growth careers, career mapping, job hunting, and soft skills.
    AP Euro History Textbooks/Online Licenses - $5,126.00
    Mr. Bradley Pflugh - Knoch High School
             This grant finances new texts necessary to prepare for the redesigned AP exam in European History. 
    Junior Achievement Day for South Butler Primary School - $1,000.00
    Miss Jade Thrower - South Butler Primary School
             This grant is a donation toward materials used during Junior Achievement's lessons with grades K-3 that covered topics like jobs, communities, taxes, how money flows in an economy, and how people make individual choices in their spending.
    School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports - $1,000.00
    Mrs. Alana Johnston, Mrs. Jennifer French, Mrs. Laurie Tresky, Mrs. Janelle Hilscher - South Butler Intermediate Elementary School
             This grant supports a magnetic board specifically designed for this school that will herald students whose behavior exemplifies the ideals set forth by the program. The board will be positioned in the entryway of the building so that all students will view it daily.
    Breakout EDU kits - $800
    Mrs. Melissa Venesky, Knoch High School
         These kits will be utilized in biology classes and the Science Club to encourage teamwork and critical thinking as a means of solving a science-related puzzle.
    DJI Phantom 4 Pro & Parrot Drones in 21st Century Technology  - $3,873
    Mr. Dennis Walters - Knoch Middle School
         These drones will allow students in the Robotics & Automation courses to apply their classroom knowledge to hands-on activities related to flight.  They will also be able to take high resolution video and still photographs to incorporate into projects.